Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dog Avalanche Beacons

The last few weeks have been pretty scary for avid backcountry enthusiasts, especially in Colorado. Since December was riddled with sunny skies, warm temperatures and no snow, the big dumps of January have made avalanche conditions very, very sketchy. Natural and human-triggered slides have occurred on a daily basis since the first big storm two weeks ago.

Yet, regardless of the conditions, venturing into the backcountry should always necessitate wearing a beacon. You never know what could happen, so it's always good to be prepared. And if you go out with your four-legged friend, the same should apply. Good thing Pieps has them covered.

Fitting comfortably in a custom made dog collar, the Pieps TX600 receiver is a mini-beacon designed to help save a dog if buried, and also to not interfere with human avalanche search and rescue, since it omits a different frequency than that of a normal avalanche beacon. The only drawback is that solely Pieps beacons will pick up the frequency of the TX600. But, for those who have one, being able to rescue your pooch in an avalanche scenario is definitely worth the cost.

Either way, if you plan on venturing out into the backcountry with your dog, please be safe.


Jessica @ said...

That's awesome. Can we have a link to the product please?

Eric said...

Liberty Mountain Carries these beacons.