Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Few New Year's Resolutions For Dog Owners

This year, instead of trying to keep that one New Year's resolution for as long as possible, why not focus on a few resolutions that apply not only to you, but also to your four-legged companion? Since most personal resolutions are abandoned after three or four weeks, having one that applies to both you and your dog could be a lot easier to maintain than some of the traditional, dietary ones.

Obviously, walking your dog at least once a day is one of the easiest ones to keep. Not only is the exercise great for your pooch (maintaining a dog's weight is key to a long life), but also it is great for the dog owner. Additionally, trying to get your dog out into an open-air environment once a week, such as the mountains, the beach or the plains, is a great resolution to strive for. Fresh air and open spaces makes almost everyone happy, including your dog!

High quality food for your dog is almost as important a resolution as daily exercise. A dog owner should be as cautious about their pooch's food as they are of their own. Research the ingredients and strive to purchase food that is organic, natural, or at least not heavily processed. It may cost a bit more than grocery store kibble, but allowing your dog to have a longer life justifies the cost.

Lastly, take the time to play with your dog, groom your dog and, of course, train your dog. Those three things may seem straightforward, but its easy to neglect your pooch after a long day of work. Dog's love attention in any form, and giving them what they want will create a stronger bond between you and your four-legged friend.

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