Friday, November 11, 2011

Avalanche Rescue Dogs: True Peakwaggers

While we ran our "Is Your Dog a Peakwagger" contest, we received a photo from Damian Hancock, whose avalanche rescue dog, Jack, was taking a much needed rest after digging people out of the snow. Though the photo (a great one, seen above) was not selected as a winner, we feel that it, as well as avalanche dogs in general, deserved a little recognition.

As far as Peakwaggers go, avalanche rescue dogs lead the pack. They train hard, play hard and are essentially on call 24-7 (especially in avalanche prone areas during the winter.) If they are lucky, they, as well as their trained handlers, will never be called into the field to rescue a skier or snowboarder from a potential, life-threatening situation. And if they are really, really lucky, they are part of the Ruff Wear ambassador program, sporting super cool harnesses as members of the Aspen, Mammoth and Mt Bachelor rescue teams.

Either way, with winter starting and the snow beginning to pile up (at least here in Nederland, CO), we wanted to show our appreciation for all the rescue dogs and their handlers who help save lives. Hopefully, in the near future, we'll be able to provide them with our jerky snacks and trail food, helping to keep them energized while they rescue people in the backcountry.

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