Friday, October 14, 2011

More to the Story than We Thought!

We received a ton of photos over the three months that we held the "Is Your Dog a Peakwagger?" contest. Although each one told a very compelling story (a picture truly is worth 1,000 words), the winner's photos were the only ones that we actually delved into. And over this last week, we learned that the second winner to the contest - Tripawds (pictured above) - had one hell of a tale.

When we originally published the story, we only had the photo to go on, due to difficulties getting in touch with the dog's owner. After finally making contact, however, we were sent an email full of the life story of Guthrie (the dog's actual name).

After being hit by a car on an Orlando, FL freeway, having a leg amputated and being given a 50% chance of survival, Guthrie was adopted by the Rich family. Funny enough, Amanda Pants Rich (who submitted the winning photo) claims that she learned of Guthrie's case from a friend who had witnessed the car accident and had posted photos of the dog on Facebook, trying to help him find a home. Since recovering, Guthrie has proven that three legs work just as well as four, conquering mountains, hiking trails and going for the occasional swim.

Thanks again to the Rich family for the submission (the photo was taken at St. George Park in Florida), and happy trails to Guthrie, a.k.a. Tripawds, who proves that any dog can be a true Peakwagger!


Aylin said...

Just want to add that Guthrie was taken to Hiawassee Veterinary Clinic after being hit and the clinic took him in sponsoring his treatment they have an organization called Cane's Crossing that help with such cases! He would have been put down for sure as he required quite a lot of medical care !

Gayle said...

Thanks for adding that. Guthrie's story is definitely one of the most interesting, as well as most inspiring stories we've ever heard!