Thursday, September 1, 2011

Goodbye to a True Peakwagger

In March, we lost one of our true, original peakwaggers: Sumo. Besides being the company's mascot as well as one of the biggest Bernese Mountain Dogs we'd ever seen, Sumo was by far one of the kindest and sweetest dogs around. We constantly received questions about his whereabouts at last month's OR Show, since he had made such a huge impression the year prior, at our first show.

So, as a way to say goodbye and "pass the Peakwaggers' torch," so to speak, we headed up to Bob and Betty Lake, in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, to scatter Sumo's ashes. With Momo - our new mascot - carrying the remains, we finally laid to rest one of the best dogs we'd ever known at one of his favorite places on Earth.

It is true what they say, that dog is man's best friend. Sumo, however, was definitely something more.

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Deb E said...

Oh Gayle, how sad but how appropriate.
Deb E