Friday, August 5, 2011

PeakWaggers at the OR Show

It has only been one day at the OR show and things have been going quite well. We've already received several orders, have spoken to numerous retail outlets throughout the nation and have been approached by a few different sales reps. In a nutshell, PeakWaggers is growing and expanding throughout the nation.

The best part about the show, however, is the company/booth camaraderie. Last year, our location at the show was in a random spot, next to companies that make survival/first aid kits and do-it-yourself beer brewing kits (Mitch at Mr. Beer is awesome!). This year, we are located right next to Zuke's dog treats, and right behind Stunt Puppy and D-fa Dogs. Due to this, we've all been talking each other up to anyone who stops by, encouraging them to check out the other dog-related booths and thus, help grow the outdoor dog industry. It has been a great time.

Plus, with Momo as our mascot, people can't seem to pass our booth without petting her and grabbing a free sample of our jerky. Especially since she sits down in the middle of the walkway.

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